Amun Starr in a Pink Photo Shoot for Breast Cancer Awareness

At this time each year, everything turns pink. Famous brands are releasing limited edition gifts with a pink ribbon signature, more stories of Breast cancer survivors are told, and many calls are being made for early detection and mammogram screening. October marks International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when several international media campaigns are launched to promote awareness of the disease, and top celebrities start posting pictures of their pink outfits in support of women battling cancer. On this occasion, Soul Arabia has teamed up with American singer Amun Starr to capture an exclusive photoshoot where she wore distinctive pink outfits signed by Balenciaga with the aim of raising awareness of this deadly disease and the importance of early mammography.

Amun wears Balenciaga

“I’m in full support of breast awareness month, and I think everyone should pay attention to this. I want to bring awareness to the fact that both women and men can get cancer, it is not just about women’s breasts it is also about men’s breasts. it is a part of the body that gets affected by cancer easily by high estrogen levels and an unbalanced diet”, Amun Starr says, highlighting the fact that breast cancer is not exclusive to females, and it can affect males as well.

With her photoshoot in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Amun Starr reminds women and men everywhere to get regular breast self-exams, schedule regular visits, and mammograms. she says: “it is a really great time to check in with your body and get checked by a doctor if you feel lumps anywhere, they can be benign, but they can also be the beginning of something that you need to deal with early”.

Many breast problems are first discovered by women themselves, often by chance, Amun Starr confirms:” Everyone who ever had breast cancer and survived knows that getting checked early is essential, so finding out these things early on means that you can crack them even without surgery sometimes, actually, a lot of times by a good diet, proper exercise, and care. so it is a great time for men and women to check in with their bodies, then it is important to go to the doctor if you feel anything abnormal. I encourage everyone to do this, because any time we can prevent death, it’s a really serious disease and can be easily prevented with the right amount of care”.

The American singer also shared her experience and knowledge, saying: “To be honest I have known three men and 8 women who have had breast cancer and survived, so the average is higher with women, but it is not that much higher. If you are a man and you have lumps in your chest you should get checked out, because you never know, it really has to do with genetics and has to do with estrogen levels and has to do with diet, so it can really affect anyone, it’s not partial, so get checked out today”.


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