Soul Arabia Unveils its March Cover Story Featuring Alia Sobhy: Celebrating the Bonds of Love Amongst Nature

Soul Arabia's March Cover Story Features Alia Sobhy
Soul Arabia’s March Cover Story Features Alia Sobhy

Soul Arabia unveiled its March issue, delving into the captivating theme of ” connection”. In this edition, the magazine explored the harmonious relationship between renowned singer Alia Sobhy and the natural world. Through stunning visuals and insightful narratives, Soul Arabia illuminates the transformative influence of nature on Alia’s life and career, capturing her beauty in a new and unconventional light. Each image reflects a different facet of her personality, showcasing her authenticity and inner power.

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The core of this photo shoot lies in the theme “The Power of Nature”, where we explore the harmonious relationship between Alia Sobhy and the natural world. Through the lens of our talented photographers and designers, we sought to highlight her beauty in a new and unconventional way, presenting her in a new light that transcends boundaries and expectations.

Captured amidst the enchanting scenery of Istanbul, Soul Arabia’s exclusive photoshoot with Alia Sobhy highlighted the magical fusion of artistry and nature. “Istanbul was chosen for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking scenery, providing the perfect canvas to showcase Alia’s beauty and bonds of love that connects her to all that surrounds her”, says Sultan Abu Tair, Editor-in-chief of Soul Arabia and the art director of the photo shoot.


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As the gateway to this enchanting narrative, the first cover photo from the photoshoot captures Alia Sobhy in a mesmerizing ensemble curated by the talented designer Seyit Ares. Clothed in a full look from Ares, including a breathtaking dress and complementing shoes, Alia exudes an aura of timeless elegance and natural grace. Styled by the visionary Semih Demir, with assistance from the adept Burak Kara, every detail of her attire harmonizes seamlessly with the picturesque backdrop of Istanbul. Mesut Özuzun’s masterful touch in hair and makeup enhances Alia’s inherent beauty, accentuating her connection with the earth and the elements. Captured through the lens of photographer Mert Can Alşahin, this evocative photo sets the tone for a visual journey that celebrates the fusion of artistry, nature, and the captivating spirit of Alia Sobhy.

Through this collaboration, the magazine aimed to transport the audience on an emotional journey of discovery, celebrating the boundless beauty of both Alia Sobhy and the natural world. Approaching every step forward with affection and love, Alia shares, “I am a completely emotional personality that is moved by feelings, and love, for me is one of the essentials of life”.

Soul Arabia’s new cover story perfectly, delved into the heart of nature and its influence on Alia Sobhy’s journey, embracing the beauty of her spirit amidst the captivating landscapes of Istanbul. Through this exclusive interview and photoshoot, the magazine invites readers to immerse themselves in the enchanting allure of Alia Sobhy’s world, where the connection of love with nature intertwines to create a symphony of emotion and inspiration.

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