Dr. Mahmoud Sayed & Aliaa Sobhy On How To Be Each Other’s Support System

Dr. Mahmoud Sayed and Aliaa Sobhy are no ordinary couple. Their perspective on how to lead both a successful marriage life and a career life leaves us astonished with the hope that soul mates are out there. The care and support they ultimately showed each other are the reason they are a true inspiration today. Dr. Mahmoud Sayed known as one of the top plastic surgeons and the rising singer Aliaa Sobhy who is known for the song Etamen “Rest Assured” with the well-known Tamer Hosny share their secrets on how to lead a life full of dreams that do come true.Either a surgeon or a singer, both agree that goals cannot be achieved with no paid efforts. And although leading different industries, the plastic surgeon and the singer come together with a lot in common, from beauty, fame to most importantly, accompanying one another. Dr. Mahmoud Sayed mentioned, “Aliaa Sobhy was supportive to me from day one until today. My life is so stressful as a plastic surgeon and she helps me go through with it.” Aliaa Sobhy continued, “I wanted to focus on making a family more than anything, and I am happy with the man I love, so I didn’t want anything more than making our relationship work. My children are now grown-ups, and I am achieving my dream as a singer with Mahmoud as my biggest support.”

Dr. Mahmoud Sayed & Aliaa Sobhy
Photographed by Elsn and Styled by Jony Matta

Aside from the effort they put into their marriage, they always strive to be the best in their careers. Dr. Mahmoud Sayed talked about how he always tries to elevate his medical experience to help more people whether it’s on the luxurious side of plastics or ‘reconstructing’ newborns, he plans to be on top of his game. Dr. Mahmoud Sayed said, “when performing surgeries and after their recovery, you see how far their lives changed and that made me feel so happy. I changed their lives from being depressed to a life lived with more confidence, and this made me believe that I am doing a beneficial thing.”

Photographed by Elsn, Styled by Jony Matta

Dr. Mahmoud Sayed continued as he spoke about ‘reconstructing’ saying, “besides, we have in plastic surgery something that is called reconstruction. I became a part of an American Organization called ‘Operation Smile’ that does these types of surgeries, for example, some babies are born with what is known as ‘ a bunny lip’. Operation Smile is an organization based in Virginia, that brings surgeons from all over the world to give them an international license, which allows them to travel to countries such as Ethiopia, Vietnam, or even Burma. In Egypt, we did 5 surgical rounds that are for free to ‘reconstruct’ babies that can’t eat, smile, or do anything with their bunny lip. This is always beautiful to do.”

Photographed by Elsn, Styled by Jony Matta, both of them wears Carolina Herrera

Aliaa Sobhy on the other hand explained how her career will shift in the upcoming years as she produces her new songs that are soon to be released. “Now, since my children are grown-ups, I felt that I need to do something for singing. Besides, I’m still young, which means I still can achieve my dream, and now Mahmoud is supporting me. I just started last year, and I did the song Rawa’a Aleina “Calm Down on Us” which was successful enough considering the global pandemic, but I’m hoping my new song that will be released very soon will be more successful.”

Aliaa Sobhy

When defining commitment, it is not a coincidence this couple may appear in the dictionary. The journey and the challenges they faced have developed strength more than weakness, and as each describes their own you realize that it all depended on the base of their marriage. Although Aliaa Sobhy had to wait for years to make her dream finally come true, Aliaa Sobhy overpoweringly talked about how her journey taught her patience. “The fact that I chose my family first, made me learn patience. I also learned that as long as you believe in something for yourself, it will come sooner or later, because I believe I have a good voice for a reason. It is just unknown when, where, and how.”


Dr. Mahmoud Sayed & Aliaa Sobhy

The famous couple believes that attainment depends on your effort. Whether a doctor or a singer they both think that uplifting themselves is the key to succeeding more as they grow. “I have to always re-educate myself of new technologies that give better results and I have to constantly experiment with them,” said Dr. Mahmoud Sayed. “I prioritized my needs and I gave everything its right, so I guess it is time I deserve something good to happen to me,” said Aliaa Sobhy. As much as they believe that beauty comes from within, they both do think that taking care of your appearance is an important part of your life, and that’s where plastic surgeries play a huge role. “We don’t think that someone should be depressed because of something they don’t like on their face or body, if there is anything that they wish to fix, they should go for it. It would help in their confidence and so it will make them happier.”

Dr. Mahmoud Sayed & Aliaa Sobhy
Looking forward to more triumphs, Dr. Mahmoud Sayed and Aliaa Sobhy are working on their to-do list of goals. While Dr. Mahmoud Sayed is working on growing his medical experience, “my only target since I started is to make a center of excellence for plastic surgeries that are dedicated for women. Everything related to female beauty will be learned in this center. I want to be able to teach young doctors what I’ve learned so they would help more patients in the Arab world so they won’t have to travel abroad to achieve a simple thing, which is to feel confident.” Aliaa Sobhy on the other hand, will be working on more songs that we can’t wait for their release, “I am currently working on three songs, that will be released shortly.”

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