Yesterday’s Enemy Today’s friend, Bassem Youssef Saves Emad Adeeb’s life

Bassem Youssef declared that he did what anyone in his place would have done

Bassem Youssef Saves Emad Adeeb's life
Bassem Youssef Saves Emad Adeeb’s life

An emergency medical response seems to end the long-standing tension between Amr Adeeb and Bassem Youssef. Adeeb, a TV host revealed that Youssef, the cardiac surgeon widely known for his satirical show “El Bernameg”, saved his brother’s life by providing immediate medical assistance for him after having a heart attack.

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Acclaimed Egyptian-Saudi TV host Amr Adeeb praised Bassem Youssef‘s timely intervention to help his brother, renowned journalist Emad Eldin Adeeb, while the two were participating in the “Billion Followers Summit” in Dubai, saying: “Bassem provided first aid to save my brother Emad, and accompanied him to the hospital in an ambulance. He was keen to constantly update me about his condition”. “Although my relationship with Bassem was never good, he deserves all my due respect”, Amr Adeeb continued during his TV show “El Hekaya” broadcast on MBC Masr.

During a TV interview, Youssef commented on Amr Adeeb’s remarks and emphasized that he acted in the same way anyone else would have done in his position. Youssef further stated: “I did not save Emad Adeeb’s life. He is in good health now, and the medical authorities in Dubai responded very quickly and effectively to the situation”.

According to some sources, Youssef and Emad Adeeb were having a conversation after the forum session ended when Emad started sweating. As a cardiac surgeon, Youssef recognized these as symptoms of a heart attack and immediately requested that Emad be taken to the hospital. Youssef also commented on the situation, saying: “I did what any doctor would do. I stayed with him, measured his pulse, and asked for a doctor to come immediately” he said, adding, “I was just there, and anyone in my place would have done the same thing.”

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The two media personalities, Amr Adeeb and Bassem Youssef engaged in a war of words that dates back to several years ago, as they both had differing opinions on various issues and argued over them. The long-standing dispute started when Youssef sarcastically criticized Adeeb’s political positions, more than once, whether in his previous successful TV show, “El Bernameg”, or on his private account on social media. Youssef also hinted that Amr Adeeb had radically changed his opinions and positions after the January 25 revolution in Egypt.

Bassem Youssef gained popularity as a television host and comedian after airing his satirical comedy show focused on Egyptian politics, “El Bernameg”. However, the programe stopped broadcasting in 2014, and Youssef decided to immigrate to the United States, and he has been living there since.

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