Cameron Diaz Announces Second Son at 51


Cameron Diaz Announces Second Son at 51
Cameron Diaz (51) and Benji Madden (45) welcome second child in the world in surprising announcement

Cameron Diaz, iconic Hollywood star known for many 90s and early 2000s classics like “The Mask” and “Charlies Angels” has announced to the world the joyous news of bearing a second child, Cardinal Madden, at the age of 51. This momentous occasion, shared with her husband musician Benji Madden, marks a beautiful chapter in Diaz’s life as she expands her family with love and grace.

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Taking to Instagram to discuss their feelings in this momentous occasion, Cameron and Benji expressed their immense happiness and gratitude for the arrival of their son. The couple radiated joy as they shared, “We are blessed and excited to announce the birth of our son, Cardinal Madden. He is awesome, and we are all so happy he is here!” Despite the public announcement, they have decided to keep Cardinal’s images private, underscoring their commitment to safeguarding their children’s safety and privacy, a sentiment that resonates deeply in today’s world of constant scrutiny.


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Despite the desire for privacy, fans have been speculating ever since the announcement dropped. Many believe that surrogacy was used, as Cameron admitted to using IVF for her first pregnancy and has become a mother quite late in her life. In spite of the toll such a decision might take on her, Cameron Diaz  has shown the willingness to focus all her attention on becoming a mother, retiring from her acting career three years after giving birth to her first child because she felt working full time hours kept her away too long from her child.

A lookback at Cameron Diaz’s career

Cameron Diaz Announces Second Son at 51
Cameron Diaz first left audiences starstruck in her iconic role as a Jazz singer in Jim Carrey’s “The Mask”

While happy for her successful family life, fans have been left feeling conflicted now that her acting career has fully come to a close. From her breakout role as the beguiling jazz singer in 1994’s “The Mask” to her captivating performances in iconic films like “There’s Something About Mary,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” and “Charlie’s Angels,” Diaz has effortlessly navigated between romantic comedies and gripping dramas, leaving an indelible mark on the silver screen. Her infectious smile and magnetic presence have made her a beloved figure in American cinema, captivating audiences with each role she embodies. An exceptional actress and striking individual, her presence on the silver screen will be sorely missed.
Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden’s journey into parenthood, starting with their first child Raddix and now their second, has opened a new chapter in their lives after successful careers as an actress and musician respectively. Their story serves as an inspiration for individuals navigating the complexities of balancing personal aspirations with the desire for children, showcasing that parenthood knows no age limits and can be embraced at any stage of life with love, dedication, and gratitude. While Cameron’s retirement has left a hole in Hollywood which cannot be filled, one cannot but help root for her as she dedicates herself to her family.

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