Saudi Arabia to Build a Silicon Oasis

Alat’s mission is straightforward: to build a sustainable manufacturing ecosystem within the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia to Build a Silicon Oasis
Saudi Arabia

Alat company, headquartered in Riyadh, is leading the charge in Saudi Arabia‘s foray into the exciting field of emerging technology, with an ambitious mission – to create a world-class manufacturing electronics hub in the heart of the kingdom. Backed by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), Alat aims to revolutionize the electronics and manufacturing space in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region.

Driven by its Vision 2030, the Kingdom is setting out on a revolutionary path to emerge as a major force in eSports, health tech, artificial intelligence, smart cities, and other fields. Backed by government efforts and billions of dollars in investments, this strategic move intends to position Saudi Arabia as a major player in influencing the direction of technology while simultaneously diversifying the economy and generating jobs.

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The Vision

Alat’s mission is straightforward: to build a sustainable manufacturing ecosystem within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This vision encompasses everything from semiconductors to smart devices and appliances. With an investment budget of $100 billion, Alat is poised to transform the landscape of technology and innovation.

Saudi Arabia to Build a Silicon Oasis
Amit Midha, CEO of Alat & Masayoshi Son, chairman and CEO of SoftBank Group

Renewable Energy and Cutting-edge Technologies

Alat’s approach is forward-thinking. They plan to leverage renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind, and hydrogen, to power their manufacturing processes. This commitment to sustainability aligns with global trends and positions Saudi Arabia as a leader in green manufacturing.

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Saudi Arabia to Build a Silicon Oasis
A black and white robot toy on a red wooden table

Strategic Partnerships

Alat wasted no time in forging key partnerships to kickstart its ambitious journey. Notably, they teamed up with SoftBank to create a groundbreaking joint venture (JV). This collaboration aims to build industrial robots that will revolutionize manufacturing processes. By the end of this calendar year, robots manufactured in Saudi Arabia will roll off the production line, marking a significant milestone for the region.

The Lighthouse Factory

The facility created by the SoftBank-Alat JV is aptly named a ‘lighthouse factory’. Here, cutting-edge robots will perform critical tasks, enhancing efficiency and productivity. The focus extends beyond mere announcements; execution is paramount. Alat’s co-chief of corporate development, Brian Rogove, emphasizes the importance of turning vision into reality.

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The Role of SoftBank

SoftBank’s expertise and global reach make it an ideal partner for Alat. Their joint efforts will not only boost local manufacturing but also contribute to the global supply chain. As Alat’s mission unfolds, they consider four critical themes: artificial intelligence’s impact on businesses, sustainability, supply chain resilience, and innovation capital.

Saudi Arabia‘s Silicon Oasis is more than a project—it’s a strategic move that positions the kingdom at the forefront of technological advancement. With Alat’s vision, backed by the PIF and fueled by renewable energy, the Kingdom is poised to become a beacon of innovation in the electronics industry.

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