Surgeon Zaid Samkari on Mastering Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Being a successful surgeon who excelled as an aesthetic doctor, and has been involved in many initiatives to help the humanitarian cases, our new prominent character has always been keen to provide the best services and the latest technology to his patients in his private clinic. Dr. Zaid Samkari, a Jordanian surgeon, is striving to be a pioneer in his field, utilizing his unique approach to providing special care to each patient, listening to his complaints, giving the right medical opinion, and working within realistic limits without being drawn into some obsession with cosmetic procedures or performing unnecessary ones.

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These qualities earned Dr. Samkari the trust of more patients and contributed to the success of his clinic. In his interview with Soul Jordan Health, the doctor opened up to tell us about his early beginnings in the field, and how he was able to achieve remarkable accomplishments in the field of cosmetics procedures in such a short time.

Early in his high school studies, Dr. Samkari’s passion for aesthetic medicine began after an experience in humanitarian work, which made him even extra motivated to change the lives of more people in the future. He says “I used to volunteer in campaigns to help children with congenital malformations, as European organizations used to come to some Middle Eastern countries to perform free surgeries for these children, and I was translating medicine terms between doctors and parents, and seeing these humanitarian cases made me realize how cosmetic procedures have affected their psyche and improved their quality of life, hence my love for plastic surgery and I decided to enroll in medical school.”

“It is not bad for a person to take care of himself and invest in his beauty in order to maintain a decent appearance or grow appropriately for his age phase, without being affected by the signs of aging, and plastic surgery is not only supposed to change the appearance because every person has aesthetic signs that the doctor highlights.” Dr. Samkari believes that plastic surgery is a necessity for some cases, but also not just a luxury if it is performed without exaggeration, so he makes sure to study the case of each patient well, to see if his request makes sense or not, or has an addiction to plastic surgery, or asking for something that is inconsistent with reality. He adds, “Sometimes I receive patients, whether a woman or a man with a beautiful nose that they do not like, while as a doctor I see that it looks cosmetically correct, so I refuse to do this unnecessary medical procedure because doctors have a responsibility not to drift behind cosmetic obsession and to work within realistic limits”.

Dr. Samakri is always keen to highlight the signs of beauty in every patient, but with maintaining his own unique identity, as he confirms: “Every person has his own beauty that resembles a fingerprint, no one is the same or repetitive. And when I dealt with one of the cases of twins, I took different measures to suit the identity of each of them, because we must not change the appearance drastically to make the patient look like another person.” While he adds: “It is good for a person to reflect his inner beauty through his outer beauty, because we all seek beauty in everything in our lives, not just appearance, so the first question I ask the patient is what do you not like about your appearance? then I start giving him treatment options, but I believe that the patient’s desire for plastic surgery should come first to please himself and not others.”

The famous doctor tends to provide the latest cosmetic procedures to his patients, and one of the most important services that define his clinic is the “cat eyes” technique, in which the opening of the eyes is expanded to give a more youthful appearance, as well as “Russian lips” which make the lips look like they are printed and not embossed on both sides as occurs in the traditional way of plumping Lips, confirms Dr. Semkari, he adds: “Russian lips are a new technique in Jordan and the Middle East, ensures that the shape of the lips looks natural, not artificial, and the process takes half an hour, especially since I also developed it to give more options to the patient represented by four different styles that fit all mouths. ”

A revolution in the world of cosmetics, this is what Dr. Samakri calls the “skin Boosters”, which he offers exclusively in his private clinic, where he says: “Women used to spend a fortune on cosmetics, with absorption rate not exceeding 20%, while they wait for months to notice slight results, but now we can inject stimulants into the skin to make up for the deficiency that occurs with aging factors in hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamins, but with an absorption rate of up to 99%, and a great instant and a continuous result that lasts from four to six months, which is why I prefer to call it the skin food.”

In his clinic, Dr. Samkari is more interested in treatment methods that are carried out by injection than a surgery, he confirms: “Although I am a surgeon in the first place, I preferred to go to non-surgical procedures, where I found my passion and was able to benefit from the general surgeon’s technical skills and scientific foundations in procedures such as threading, sculpting, and deep injection, so the results were incredible, especially since I do not have time to leave my clinic and do a procedure that takes many hours, while I can do another with the same results without surgery.”

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