Sekhmet Revives the Goddess of War with Practical Versatility

Bold, contemporary and modern – her aura attracts attention and leaves an evident influence on each and every room. Inspired by courage and righteousness, it extends beyond being a mere accessory; instead, it is an ally and an armor. An affirmation of the brand’s aesthetic, Sekhmet launched a new collection of versatile bags in time for summer 2021. Following the mythical steps of the pharaonic goddess, the collection accentuates the designer and her clientele’s strive for uniqueness.

“The inspiration behind this collection is Sekhmet herself. This collection represents the long-awaited introduction of the goddess and her story. These two designs are an embodiment of my personality as a designer and a representation of the brand.” Maryam ElGohary, founder of Sekhmet continues “the editorial campaign also aspires to capture the goddess’s power and regal aura. Accordingly, the art direction included eccentric clothes and edgy locations.” While being Sekhmet’s 5th collection, it is also the first formal introduction of the goddess and her influence on the brand. The goddess of war and healing, Sekhmet is the brand’s focal point and source of inspiration. “After researching for a name for over two months, I came across her legend and instantly chose to connect my brand to an ancient Egyptian name. Aside from her inspiring stories and legacy, I found a small connection between the two of us, which inspired me to name my brand after her. While my horoscope is Leo, Sekhmet used to wear a lion mask while at war. This underlying connection resonated with me. Moreover, her strength and determination are inspiring and motivating for me.”

The warefar in dark pink

After taking two months of hard work, the collection came out in a myriad of versatile styling options, two distinctive designs and four colors. “This collection marks the introduction of two of my favorite colors; pink and blue – which were met with enthusiasm from the brand’s customers,” shares the designer. With that in mind, Sekhmet’s target audience is women who appreciate modern and unordinary fashion. They are women who want to standout and acquire non-traditional designs. “Leading busy lives, they also tend to prefer smaller sizes and practicality; for example the two new designs can be worn in a multitude of ways as a handbag, cross bag, backpack, etc.”

With her latest creations attracting positive feedback across the brand’s digital platforms, the designer already has her eyes set on the future. After working with her fiancée at a specialized factory and taking years in preparation for her brand, ElGohary is now determined to follow her wildest design concepts, utilizing her experience and insightful knowledge. Opting to experiment with more non-traditional materials such as marble for example, the world is ElGohary’s oyster and she does not intend to take a traditionalist detour any time soon.

Aside from requiring a stable production capacity which she already has sorted out, the designer’s creative aspirations will also need special materials, which are not quite attainable at the moment due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, with an innovative pipeline in mind, ElGohary still has many boundaries to break. In parallel, she also has her eyes set on expediential expansion. “I certainly want to take my brand to the global frontier starting from opening Sekhmet’s first flagship store at one of Cairo’s top shopping malls very soon. Moreover, I am currently working on the brand’s first eyewear collection, which is set to come out in time for the winter season.”

Nayera Yasser
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