Nashwa Mostafa On Conquering The Jewelry Industry!

A new era of jewelry! The pieces, designs, and stories behind every collection Nashwa Mostafa strives to create as she puts her soul into them are what makes her brand Nashwa Jewelry peculiar. Her love for jewelry, along with the entrepreneurial mindset she had since childhood, has been her road to marking her brand’s success. Whether it is silver, gold, or diamond, Nashwa Jewelry endeavors to create the connection between its customer and the jewelry they wear through gems or personalized pieces as letters and horoscopes, or even stones. Since 2019, she has been releasing collections worn by top Arab celebrities such as Radwa El Sherbiny, Huda El Mufti, Dorra Zarouk, and more. Today Nashwa Mostafa released her new collection that we all have been waiting for… “My fall/winter collection is all about “Retrotrip”, and by ‘Retrotrip’ I mean that it takes you back to the good old days with its designs and vintage looks. It is classy yet modern. This collection merges the classiness of the old times with the modern times using chains by using big, bold statement earrings and handcrafted designs.”

Nashwa Mostafa

Nashwa Mostafa displays her collection in Jay Store at Garden 8 and inside D Store at Cairo Festival City, and her brand has recently expanded to the opposite direction of Cairo in Atelier De L’ile at Arkan, Sheikh Zayed and 6th of October city. While Nashwa Mostafa is on her way to creating more jewelry, Soul Arabia shares here what Nashwa Mostafa  herself had to say about everything that inspired her and pushed her to start, what is her favorite collection, and what her secrets are to a successful jewelry brand.

What inspired your brand?
I love jewelry! Since my childhood, I had the entrepreneurial thought that would help me start my business. I wanted to have my brand, and I wanted to be known internationally. Despite all the challenges, my family and close friends played a huge role in pushing me hard to make this happen. I invested so much in designing, and I took a diamond grading course from HRD that was online due to COVID-19. I worked so much during the pandemic and its lockdown in designing and finding opportunities to expand. And thankfully, big celebrities such as Radwa el Sherbiny, Dorra Zarrouk, Huda El Mufti, Amina Khalil and Enjy Kiwan, and more wore from my brand.

How did you start Nashwa Jewelry? What gave you the push?
I started in 2013, and my strategy, or the way I think, is that I want everyone to wear my handcrafted designs in multiple materials based on their preferences. All my designs are executed based on the customers’ needs and the material they prefer, whether in Sterling Silver 925 dipped in pure gold18K, or pure gold18K and high-quality certified diamonds by order. For every collection, I create, there must be a story behind it. Sometimes, there are pieces dropped exclusively due to the rarity of gemstones as a limited edition. I fall in love with pieces adorned with colorful authentic gemstones, and I like raw designs more, such as bold statements and vintage raw pieces. My ultimate customers are the strong fashionable women who love stacking pieces together and can wear bold designs without feeling extra; those who are, indeed, into gemstones. Artistically, I put my heart and soul into designing pieces; I design them with love.

How would you describe your journey towards a successful brand?
I have always had a love for jewelry. I am a true believer that no outfit is complete without the right jewelry. I then took this love and turned it into my passion. I was really fortunate to have my family, friends and most importantly, God by my side to support me throughout my journey. Additionally, I was able to seize each opportunity brought my way and turned each one into a milestone. However, not all opportunities were easy. I faced a lot of difficult situations, that required me to take actions on the spot. My education played a huge role in the success of my business. Graduating with a High Honors degree in Business Administration at AUC (the American University in Cairo), with a minor in psychology, drove my strong understanding of human interactions that have shaped my strategic thinking.

What usually inspires the stories behind your collections?
My designs are inspired by my natural talent while aligning it with seasonal trends. These includes colors, shapes or gemstones. Another thing is, of course, I always love to hear feedback from my clients on what they would like to see more of. Other times, simply an idea would come to mind, hence that’s why I always have my trusty notebook in my bag to draw these sudden ideas or designs. Sometimes I would simply look at a complicated shape that I would translate into a design. Each collection has its own story, as all the experiences that occur in my day-to-day life inspires each collection.

Which collection of your brand is your favorite?
Retrotrip, which is my 2021 Fall/Winter collection. To be honest, every new collection is always the closest to my heart. I evolve with every collection as each release represents a unique and newer version of me and of Nashwa Jewelry.
What differentiates my brand from others is that I love to focus on personalizing and customizing pieces that my clients envision. It is essential that each collection includes a few customizable pieces with names, letters, or gemstones. I believe that gifts, whether to yourself or others, are the most sentimental gesture with a personal touch. I like to create this connection that people might feel while wearing my designs: a relationship between me through my designs and you as a person.

How would you describe your new collection?
My fall/winter collection is about “Retrotrip”, and by ‘Retrotrip’ I mean that it takes you back to the good old days with its designs and vintage looks. It is classy yet modern. This collection merges the classiness of the old times with the contemporary times using chains by using big, bold statement earrings and handcrafted designs.

What are some secrets to keeping your brand successful?
My secrets are very simple, dedication to my work and client satisfaction. Dedication means always exceeding the bar that I have set myself. Consistency is key, I am consistent with innovation and creating new designs that captures the customer’s eyes and hearts, that meet their desires and guarantees satisfaction.
Nashwa jewelry is all about client satisfaction. Happy clients are the core of my business and building a strong relationship with them means guaranteed customers return. For that reason, I offer a complimentary lifetime guarantee where we polish/ plate or fix any piece if needed. This allows me to have a post-purchase relationship with all my clients, ensuring my support. The client is always 100% right, actually, 1 million% right. Customers are my main advertisers, and to me, receiving positive feedback and good word of mouth are my drive.

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