Dr. Selim Gouda on the Game of Art, Science, and Precision

A good dentist is not only bound to relieve pain, but can also make a huge difference in a patient’s life, by creating a beautiful smile, improving appearance, and giving self-confidenc, Soul Arabia’s new cover star has transformed the fear of visiting a clinic Into a comfortable and fast experience with guaranteed results, Dr. Selim Gouda, a dentist specializing in dental implants and an assistant at the Faculty of Dentistry at Pharos University, decided to start his dream by studying the field that attracted him greatly, and within a few years of hard work and commitment, he was able to gain the trust of many his patients, and the establishment of his own clinic that provides high-quality service with modern technologies and an integrated team.

Shot by: Christine Salib, Dr. Selim Gouda wears Tom Ford Blazer

Dentistry is more related to art because it requires special manual skills and artistic sense, says Dr. Selim Gouda, adding: “When I decided to study dentistry, I had no idea what I should major in, but what is great about dentistry is that it combines many specialties, such as surgery Orthodontics and children, so I didn’t feel like I was limiting myself to just one thing.”

Dr. Selim Gouda was able to achieve a distinguished position out of the competition, as he affirms: “I care about the general health of the mouth, and that the patient has the ability to eat well, enjoy Healthy gums, and at the same time have perfect teeth, so I make a double effort during my work so that the patient does not feel pain as much as he wishes his smile to be beautiful as well.”

The dentist’s skills  are essential for his success and an indicator of his future achievements, as Dr. Selim Gouda says: “Dentistry is a game of art, science, and precision, and in order for the doctor to win in this game, he must study well, and possess basic knowledge of this science, and finally have an artistic sense, The first thing you notice in a person is his teeth because they make a big difference in appearance, and when the doctor has an artistic sense, he can easily see how the teeth fit with his face or features, with the need to have the accuracy to see things that the patient cannot see.”

Dr. Selim Gouda is keen to give special care to each patient who visits his clinic, and while he focused on developing himself in dental implants, he decided to deliver the best experiences through an integrated work team, as he says: “I decided to focus in my specialty, which is dental implants and Prosthodontic while gathering a team of the best doctors in Alexandria from all specialties so that the clinic became integrated with all departments, including orthodontics and nerve treatment, so we can provide good services to any patient.”

Ensuring that the technology used in the clinic is of the same quality and skill as the doctors is one of Dr. Selim’s Gouda priorities. He adds: “Dental technology has changed and developed significantly over the past five years, so we are always keen on updating devices in order to provide the patient with fast and safe procedures, with attention to sterilization, and that the patient does not feel anxiety or pain in the clinic because his comfort is surely reflected in the quality of service that we offer.”

The ability to compete is one of the advantages that Egyptian dentists enjoy, as Dr. Selim Gouda confirms that Egypt has the best skills compared to the global market, and adds: “Doctors in Egypt are the best in the world in this field and they have a high degree of competence, in addition to the quality of services, the availability of modern equipment and materials, and the competitive prices, which makes a large number of patients come from abroad for treatment, not only in dentistry but also in all medical fields.”

Dr. Selim Gouda goes the extra mile to be well versed in his field, as he confirms: “Reading is essential in the medical field, because every doctor should be aware of the latest research, and attend medical conferences in Egypt and abroad, especially that his presence at scientific events and meeting up with other doctors from all over the world, will give him experiences he will not find anywhere else”…It is not easy for a doctor to gain the trust of a patient, but for Dr. Selim, it depends on providing a high standard service, a good experience, and accurate work in a timely manner because these factors are the way to excellence in all fields.

Amira Shawky
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