Charming and Creative.. Leen AlFaqih Wins Over the Audience at a Concert in Amman

The Palestinian-Jordanian singer Leen AlFaqih distinguished the audience with her wonderful performance in a successful concert held at the theater of the International Academy in Amman.

Leen Alfaqih warmed the place with her charming voice and sang many songs, including a mixture of western, and oriental music in a Latin style. She also presented some well-known national songs such as “Ounadikom “and “Hady Ya Bahr Hady”, in addition to some popular songs with a new musical arrangement such as: “Ya Ashiqat Al-Ward” and “Ya Zahra Fe Khayaly”. An 18-member band participated in the concert, the music was arranged by Joseph Demerjian, the sound engineer was Zaid Allan, along with a choir of young voices.

Leen Alfaqih also performed a Mash Up song, which collected parts of some old songs of singers Fadel Shaker, Carole Samaha, Abeer Nehme, and Adam and sang them with different musical arrangements. The Spanish song “”Historia De Un Amor” was combined with the song “Autumn Leaves” by the famous singer Fairouz. Leen Alfaqih told Soul Arabia that she tends to pick distinctive songs that fit her voice layer and don’t follow trending themes, adding, “I prefer to choose songs that suit my personality and can easily express what I feel. I don’t strive to be a singer on social media only, I am rather interested in my live performances on stage because they are more interactive with the audience. I’m also not looking for authors or musicians with big names, as much as I’m interested in collaborating with new and distinct talents”.

With her strong personality and charming voice, Leen Alfaqih has a unique style that makes her stand out among other well-known singers, as her appearances are mostly limited to stage concerts, and she is more concerned with refugee issues. Leen Alfaqih says, “I am hugely interested in the humanitarian aspect, as my MA was about violence against children and women, and the impact of music on the lives of children in refugee camps, so I joined several campaigns to raise awareness of refugee issues”.

Leen Alfaqih is steadily building her singing career and according to a long-term plan, she does not care about the number of followers on her social media pages as much as she cares about creating a wide audience base that enjoys her deep performance on the stage, stressing that social media is a useful tool, but it is not the main path of the singer to achieve success. In the meantime, Leen Alfaqih is currently preparing her own first song, and says, “I’m still choosing, as I want my first project to be professional in every element”.

Leen Alfaqih was delighted with the success of her concert in Jordan, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback stressed that she paid attention to every little detail of her concert, as it had a theme that led to the aesthetics of music, adding that we need more of this art and creativity in the future.

Amira Shawky
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