Amun Starr on her Clothing Line; Sexy, Pretty, and Warrior-like

While focusing on her singing career in Egypt, American singer Elise Lebec, better known as Amun Starr, decided to join the fashion wear market by launching her own clothing brand. Amun Starr, who was fascinated by the ancient Egyptians, not only filmed all her songs inside the famous archaeological sites in Egypt but also took on a pharaonic theme for her new clothing line. Speaking to Soul Closet, Amun Starr said: “I love brands. Throughout this year I have had the joy to wear all the many brands there are in the world. Clothes can really inspire a mood and a projection or intention of what you want to manifest in your life. Apart from music I have a keen sense of trends and colors. Clothes are a big part of what it means to be an artist so it made sense to create a line for myself to express my inner self”.

Designed and manufactured in Egypt, the new clothing and accessories line was a collaboration between Amun and Gouzlan Jewelry. The Ra jacket, Mummy hand, Lucky chabs pants, Nefrtiti corset, and Orion gloves, are all an interpretation of Amun’s Starr roots as a child growing up and her own journey in Egypt. “Taking in the name Amun Starr means having the mindset of the ancient Egyptians. I tried to imagine what the kings and Queens of ancient Egypt would wear if they were alive today and mixed it with the roots of my own country. There are some practical elements to my line such as the riding chaps. Thanks to Balanciaga I paired big shoes with pants that are practical but still sensitive. The corset is an ancient old garment for protection. The jacket is regal and larger than the actual body”, Amun Starr added.

“In the USA. I come from a long generation of woman who raise horses. I had my own horse as soon as I was tall enough to ride. He was a blonde Palomino stallion. We got him when he was wild still and it was the first horse I learned to train. So incorporating my childhood roots with Egypt was easy because there are a lot of similar things about USA and Egypt when you go back to the roots”, said Amun Starr.

Taking these roots, The American singer began wondering why “dressing up” for women these days’ means taking everything off, she confirms:” I wanted to express what it means to be a woman in this day and age. There is so much pressure as a woman to be sexy all the time. Women are of course the flower; we are supposed to attract the bee. But what is a flower? It comes from the dirt, the earth. It grows from nothing, sometimes from the thorns of a tree or bush. Comes from nowhere after a storm, it projects beauty and resilience against all odds while blowing in the wind and rain. A flower offers strength within its beauty and a hope of better things to come. Women should not be seen just as sex objects which are mainly what we get from most artists nowadays”.

Other than being an international singer, Amun Starr wanted to truly reflect her side passion and express her authentic vision for every woman. She confirmed: “For me being a woman is like being a warrior. So I mixed sexy with pretty and strong warrior-like silhouettes so when I wear the clothing I remind myself that I am indeed like a superhero. All women are warriors”. Amun’s Starr first clothing collection and accessories came in black, silver, and gold colors, which are in line with the pharaonic theme and express strength and mystery.” I dedicate it to all the superheroes in the world especially Women who never stop being amazing in their efforts to raise their families and still maintain their flower-like roles, “Amun Starr added.

The first collection of curated items is available in both the USA and Egypt, and the outfit ranges from bold leather jackets to sheer corsets and everything in between. Amun Starr told Soul Closet, “It starts with a black denim leather jacket. Followed by a black corset that is see-through around the mid-range. Then we have the shorts which are fitting perfectly with the black denim chaps that strap around the hips with a belt. Chains can be arranged around the body as you wish for a street look or removed for a quieter appearance”.

Amun Starr is currently working on designs for a new ready-to-wear collection, “I have more outfits coming in the fall as the weather changes and as we move away”. The American singer is also determined to continue growing her Fashion line in the future and has high hopes of joining the ranks of successful celebrity entrepreneurs while dedicating her new clothing sets to strong women everywhere, she added: “From the horrible Covid times I want to remind all of us that we are warriors in life and we deserve to feel that way when we get dressed up”.

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