Ahmed Fouad Dazzles Riyadh’s Trunk Show with His Premium High-end Suits.

A couple of weeks ago, the Egyptian fashion designer and owner of the menswear brand “Mr. Tuxedos”, Ahmed Fouad, joined the Saudi market through an impressive trunk show in Riyadh, offering his custom-tailored suits, premium high-end fabrics, and distinguished vision to various clients from different backgrounds and cultures. Upon seeing some of the remarkable pieces from his collections at the unusual event held on December 8th, Soul Arabia wanted to catch up with Fouad to hear what he had to say about this original experience.

The Egyptian fashion designer and owner of the menswear brand “Mr. Tuxedos”, Ahmed Fouad.

“We have recently started getting clients from Arab countries and also Western countries but within a decent scale. My dream is to take my designs to More places all over the world”. Fouad was extremely happy and excited to start this journey in the Saudi market through the exquisite trunk show in Riyadh, where he made sure that each piece always had the personality of its owner and that clients are always able to show their sophisticated side with his designed suits.

Knowing the ultimate power of self-development, Fouad has always believed in the importance of recognizing new trends, traveling, and learning. The talented designer is keen to know what is happening locally as well as around the world while taking steps forward that are perfectly in line with the brand’s goal to expand beyond the Egyptian market and share Mr. Tuxedos’ one-of-a-kind luxurious experience with different clients. He confirmed: “Our brand has a distinctive signature, without any imitation. We are always exploring new trends, but we don’t copy them. We make our own signature and tend to stick to Italian cuts, especially in the handcrafted details, which give clothing pieces more value, and this is what distinguishes Mr. Tuxedos”.

While traditional suits are still suitable for ordinary people, in a world driven by influencers and celebrities, it is necessary to welcome some new ideas. Now, everyone can dress up and stand out, as Mr. Tuxedos is ready all the way to tailor an elegant end to everyone’s wardrobe with a fit trend that will redefine predictable menswear and not just this year.

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