A Living Dream.. Style Is An Art Form

Even though, it is an exhausting effort to follow trends and it may not always be as successful as one should hope; but still it is the blameless pursue towards acquiring the elusive style that shines one’s individuality and defines one’s peculiarity.

Here is a story that communicates a contemporary femininity encapsulated within an environment that alludes to a beauty aesthetic.

For our muse, Patricia, portrays a fresh face, flush with vitality and the promise of youth. Her gentle innocence, shimmers of gold masking a touch of dark magic in her eyes, sharing both mischief and reserve in a careful balance with one another, hence, capturing such a careful essence was my main aim in this beauty shoot.

The styling was inspired by the ‘ no noise’ approach; delicate looks yet showing a woman with a fierce personality and savoir faire. To create the space, we played with the idea of working across textures, including dry flowers, tulle fabric, feathers, and handsome statement headpieces. It was my medium in which to play, and with a subtlety that allowed the viewer to have a full experience of the model.

The story conveys the message of ‘ A living Dream’; where simplicity and transparency are existent in the look of which Patricia presents. And acting like a whisper, the tulle fabric roams over the face with its intricate and delicate nature. Its stiff netting represents a reality and its delicacy represents a vision; as one may want to determine on which side of the tulle to choose.

Patricia resembles the purity of a growing flower that is preserved by the tulle; untouched and a delicate world within itself.

We have worked towards a ‘mise en abyme’, placing an image within itself, infinitely recurring, both from within itself and with the viewer. When the tulle veiled Patricia’s face; you may think that your eyes have deceived you to the point you’d question the trust you put in them.

I resisted a bare-shoulder shoot in favor of preserving the delicate purity in keeping with the maturity of our model; as it has a classic touch in its representation than current fashion.

The pieces were created in a manner that serves to frame the beauty, expressing simplicity and translucence allowing both warm and comforting glowing light to shape the contours of the face. As for the colors while soft, creeping shadows and pastel backdrops under singular light scheme deliver a soft and fresh impression that weaves throughout the whole story. The delicate tulle required carefully choreographed positioning to create the texture across the whole look.

Both hair and makeup were selected carefully in line with the story concept.  The contemporary wardrobe and makeup were kept minimal, pure and even; furthermore, it is expressed in neutral nude shades that is interspersed with gentle pink accents. The natural curly hairstyle created a light and effortless feeling throughout the images while emphasizing the color palette of the story as seen at the Spring 2019 Runways (Etro, Fendi, Noon by Nour, Prabal Gurung). As Patricia is featuring an innocent yet strong look.

Through Patricia’s flawless look we could capture closely the fresh and the delicate colors across textures and patterns. As well as the beaming vitality that comes with youthful and radiant fresh skin, that is both modern and strong, and even though it is still too innocent for the world, yet it is ready for it.

This visionary story Patricia portrays; has been mesmerizing me to create it and share it with the viewers.

Sultan Abu Tair
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